Channel Letters

Lit Channel Letters and LED illumination systems to brighten up Washington DC

Washington DC Signs's Lit Channel Letters and LED Sign and Display illumination systems have been specifically designed for the sign and Display industry.

LED Lighting was developed to meet the changing needs of our customers - customers that are searching for alternative sources for superior signage illumination, while reducing energy costs and signage maintenance expense.

LED Lighting is the obvious answer. LED Lighting is better, safer and cheaper than the lighting it replaces.

LED Lighting utilizes proven LED technology. Today, our systems are delivering the highest quality LED lighting available on the market.

Advantages of LED Lighting System:

  • LED Lighting transformer can power up to 160 feet of LED Lighting
  • LED Lighting is a solid state devise and lasts 100,000 hours
    (About 11 Years)
  • LED Lighting chip seating design allows for maximum heat dissipation
  • LED Lighting saves 90% in the cost of the power supply
  • LED Lighting units are designed to be utilized outdoors
  • LED Lighting allows for reduced labor in the manufacturing cycle
  • With LED Lighting, Channel letter depth can be reduced to 2.5"
  • LED Lighting Transformers can be located remotely as far as 75 feet from the sign location
  • LED Lighting colors (yellow, blue, white, red, green, and orange) are as bright as neon
  • LED Lighting eliminates neon breakage during manufacturing, shipping and installation

LED Lighting requires one trip for service – eliminating return trips required for neon repairs.

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